Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Short Shorts: 6

Sometimes you can't find a link for love nor money, but today The Morning News, in particular had loads, you should probably go there, read the Prince thing and then check out the Headlines bit. I particularly liked:

  • Never hug a Swiss cow, hikers told. "Do not scare the animals or look them directly in the eye. Do not wave sticks. Give a precise blow to the muzzle of the cow in the event of absolute need," it advises. Good advice in so many situations.

  • The lost art of film editing They don't make 'em like they used to. Films don't have time to just stand and stare anymore.

  • Top 20 Gayest Video Game Characters Apparently this is all over the net at the mo' and with good reason. It's hilarious. The gayest character I've played is probably Willow in Buffy: Chaos Strikes back...
  • OK that's enough TMN. Jay Is Games has just announced the winner in its Casual Gameplay Competition so if you feel you're not skiving off enough it's worth checking out that and the high quality non-winning entrants.

  • Why Kinky Is Wrong seems to be saying Kinky Friedman is sometimes reactionary while appearing to be progressive. A swift read of any of his books would probably proof enough. But isn't it part of his charm? (via Making Light)

  • A Random Number Survey Testing how random humans really are.

  • Why are sex words our worst swearwords?It's listed in our highest security class of obscenity, along with three synonyms for penis, two for vagina, two slang terms for oral sex, two variants on animal waste products and one expression that employs the F-word in an oedipal context.

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