Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Dead Deadwood

Matt Zoller Seitz reviews the last proper episode of Deadwood and you can't help but feel a little sad.
The closing shot of last night's Deadwood episode was never meant as a series-ender. But that's what it was, and for a number of reasons, it was both appropriate and troubling: Ian McShane's Al Swearengen kneeling on the floor of his office, cleaning up a bloodstain.

Still there's the end of the Sopranos to look forward to. Battlestar Galactica is going strong. And The Wire is doing interesting things. I hear The Shield is getting better all the time, too, but Sony in their wisdom have decide that no-one in England wants to watch more than the first two seasons

OK, it may just be me, but doesn't it seem wierd that three of the best series currently showing are a Western, an SF drama and a Gangster story -- the other two I mentioned are cop shows, but there have always been good cop shows. It seems that the old genres are getting a fresh start or maybe it's just that they have good producers who want good stories and real human interactions and that the setting is just a backdrop for those stories.

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