Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Sex: A Recent History

Via somewhere I've totally forgotten right now -- I just got distracted, trust me C# can be a bit of a git to get your head around -- somes a big list in Harpers of Events Related To Sex from August 2000 on. Some are humourous:

2005 Oct 20
A 14-year-old Washington boy was charged with sexual harassment after hanging around outside a school homecoming dance dressed as a penis.

Some are scurrilous:
2003 Nov 8
Prince Charles denied the latest rumor about his sexual proclivities but failed to mention what he was accused of doing. Newspapers in Britain, where libel laws are very strong, have been unable to print the substance of the rumor, though they have repeatedly run the same photograph of Prince Charles standing alone in a field with another man.

And some are just a little wierd:
2001 Oct 2
The British Potato Council was embarking on an advertising campaign to make potatoes sexy; the ad agency Naked Communication was retained to promote the potato's qualities as an aphrodisiac


Steve said...

"2003 Jul 16
Australian researchers found that masturbation prevents prostate cancer.»[New Scientist]"

I may have failing eyesight & hairy palms, but I knew it was doing me some good!

Steve said...

"2004 Feb 25
French researchers concluded that oral sex can lead to oral cancer.»[New Scientist]"