Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Preparing Kids For Adulthood

The Guardian[1] takes a swift look at some truly terrible TV.
The fact that Heil Honey I'm Home, an ill-judged sitcom that pitched Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun moving in next door to a Jewish couple, failed to make the top 10 should serve warning of the horrors that lurk within a new list of the worst TV shows of all time.

They end, though, with this:
Thomas the Tank Engine was best, or worst, placed children's show, portraying "a workplace riven by class envy where bitching, brown-nosing and backstabbing are the norm".

So is it a bad show for showing kids what their working life is going to be like? Was that supposed to be some big secret like the true identity of Santa Claus? Were we all supposed to pretend in front of the kids that work was a happy fun place to be where everyone just got a long? Sorry I must have missed the memo.

[1] Actually it's a Radio Times story, the Guardian is just reporting on an article in the Radio Times about a program on TV. I found it through Mediawatch on Football365 who make pretty much the same joke I do. That, in a nutshell, is how most blogging works.

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