Friday, 4 August 2006

Bit Of A Binger

The BBC are all up in arms about binge drinking again. Apparently it's grim up north.

Binge drinking is defined as "double the daily recommended level in one or more sessions a week" what the article presumably assumes you know is the daily recommended level of alcohol. It's four units. Double that is eight meaning that binge drinking is 3-4 pints of beer or a bottle of wine in one session. In East Dorset only 9 percent of the population claim to be able to manage this once a week. They either have no clue what they're drinking or the survey actually shows that people in East Dorset are the biggest set of liars in England.
A Department of Health spokeswoman said the government was working hard to combat alcohol problems: "We are working hard to raise awareness about alcohol misuse and ensure that treatment is available to those who need it."

Here's one idea for combatting alcohol problems. Try having realistic definitions of what binge drinking is so that we can see what the real problem amounts to rather than simply tarring every regular drinker with the same brush. Four pints is not a binge, it's more like a prelude to a binge.


Steve said...

The health & social care field overflows with unrealistic definitions.
One that always amuses me is the World Health Organisation's definition of promiscuity; which is someone who has had more than FOUR sexual partners in their life.
So it's official. I'm a tart. And so too are most of the people who read this.
I've just tried to work out how big a tart I am, but have lost count of how many beds, bushes or cars, I've recieved pleasure in. Should I glow with pride or blush?

Paul said...

Funnily enough, this just happens to be my most popular blog entry in a while. It got linked to by Robot Wisdom and over a 160 people visited here.

I'm glowing with pride, anyway.

In among all those, I got a Google for "making her tits bigger"