Monday, 7 August 2006

Einstein: Ladies Man and Poet?

Via Making Light comes an article on Science and poetry and how there is poetry in Science even if poets don't quite believe that. And if they do believe it it's because someone once had a go at explaining quantum mechanics to them.
Here’s a handy guide: if a person tries to explain away an unusual claim in terms of quantum mechanics, he or she is almost certainly bullshitting you unless the subject being discussed is a) colder than anything you will ever encounter, b) faster than anything you will ever ride, or c) too small to be resolved using a light microscope.

It concludes:
The world has had enough poetry that scorns measurement and verification. The world has had enough quantum mystics. There is a difference between knowing what you’re talking about and making shit up on the fly, and Schroedinger’s cat has nothing to say about that second one.

It's worth reading the whole thing as I haven't really given a full taste of it's flavour here, speaking of which the off-hand insult to British food is quite uncalled for.

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