Thursday, 3 August 2006

Hey! That Sounds Like A Good Name For A Band!

As I may have mentioned I'm currently singing in an acoustic/delta blues trio. We've not quite got enough songs to go live with yet and it's still a bit rough at the edges, but inevitably the issue of a band name came up. I had three goes, two I got while watching The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and one bad pun that I dreamed up one night:

  • Shinbone

  • Before Come The Drunks

  • Plenty Of Johnson

I also looked at a list of new or odd phrases and got this list:

  • Torch Party

  • Whiskey Plank

  • Cow-dust Time

  • Moose Knuckle

  • Dodgepot

  • Muffin Tops

  • Tramp Stamp

  • Skunk Eye

  • Diesel Therapy

  • Bring The Wood

So now I'm totally confused...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Definitely Shinbone