Tuesday, 29 August 2006

The Teacher Prince

The Morning News have a cute article on lessons to be learnt from Purple Rain:
1. Shaming and hazing is hot courtship
2. For a man to succeed, his woman must not. She really just wants a boyfriend and isn’t that talented anyway, so it’s cool
3. It’s OK to abuse a woman if you write redemptive music afterwards

On one level you do wonder if gently ribbing a 22 year old movie is almost the definition of "too little, too late", but then the nostalgia kicks in.

The lessons I learnt from Purple Rain were:

  • I'll never be that skinny

  • I'll never ride a bike that big or purple

  • Guitars sure are phallic

(Though according to Edward Tufte, via Robot Wisdom, perhaps I shouldn't bullet that list)

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