Monday, 14 August 2006

Uninstall Condition

I've recommended The Daily WTF before. It's incredibly geeky, but occasionally it looks up from the depths of the code-face to take a glance at the user interface. They have a regular update called The Pop-Up Potpurri. This week someone submitted a pop-up that would have me uninstalling the software immediately afterwards:

I do get where that is coming from. In a past project a certain search string would send the user to a page that contained a dictionary of swearing that I'd written to help some Dutch students, it also took some side-swipes at Lotus Notes. And there have been times when being told that something goes wrong with a project when a user tries to do something it clearly wasn't designed to do, then I really want to tell the user "don't do that then". It is entirely possible that the developers are trying to be cute or funny. It's not working.

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