Friday, 1 September 2006

First (Mini) Gig

So, I had to abandon Shinbone for the moment because the other band members didn't think it meant anything, which was the point but I don't mind I my just keep the name for when I get around to finishing of "Three Quid & Jesus". Eamon at the Irish Pub, though, offered me a corner of the pub on a Thursday evening so we had to come up with a name, Markus suggested the Blues Berries, a name that has all of those B Sharps qualities of being a bad pun that gets a little more annoying everytime you hear it, so I agreed. In part, but not the greater part, because it fit a poster idea I had using my South Park character. After a bit of fiddling here's what I came up with (click it for a larger version):

Which probably doesn't need that shadow on the letters but it creates some space. Overall I think it's rather cute.

Here are some close ups:



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