Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Invisible Friends: An Explanation

There's a moment in every Musician's biopic where the star gets the idea for his song from something said by him or something else. The inspiration moment. Dewey Cox is going to "walk ... hard. WALK... HARD".

Well "Invisible Friends" happened something like that, I heard another song, in this case, where Invisible Friends were mentioned and I said something like "I've got invisible friends, too, and I don't want to see the other ones" foollowed closely my "ooh that could be a blues line", the conceit, invisible friends, silent friends and leper friends, came soon afterwards.

I tried and tried to get tasteless and smell-free friends too but it just wouldn't work. "Some of my friends are tasteless, the rest I just don't want to"... what? Swallow? Lick? eat?

Anyway, the rest was just something I'd been working on before that. A sort of anti-blues. I'm no gambling man, it wasn't a woman that did me in, etc. Fortunately I wrote this before hearing The Folksmen sing I Never Did No Wandering in the Christopher Guest movie A Mighty Wind:

Never heard the whistle of a southbound freight,
Or the singing of it’s driving wheel,
No I, never did no wanderin’
Never did no wanderin’
Never did no wanderin’ after all

Hopefully I've avoided all out repudiation of the blues in that, in my song, something has left the singer with no friends.

"It wasn't the girl that ruined me, although she played her part"

The singer is ruined but not for the usual reasons. Even I don't really know what, though drink probably has something to do with it.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

99 Secrets Explained

99 Secrets was written after discovering something on the Internet called "99 Secrets". It was written by Carl Steadman who was a co-founder of one my early favourite internet places, and, according to wikipedia, he was one of the web's first "micro-celebrities". In Carl's 99 Secrets the second secret is:
"Once she told him a story about a white knight, and a princess that didn't need saving. "Am I the knight?" he asked her. No, she answered. You're the person I'm telling the story to."
The list, I think, tries to be 99 scenes from various love-lives summed up in the pithiest way an Internet micro-celebrity could manage. As the above example shows, this often seems to be in the form of weird passive-aggressive digs at some ex, real or imagined, for a past slight or transgression. Past the weird icky feeling that, boy, did Carl have some issues, it's sometimes funny and sometimes poignant and occasionally both at the same time. Item 3 is:
Stay, he asked her, not meaning forever.
Carl, you might think, is a bit of a dick, isn't he? But it's a good line and it's almost the first line of 99 Secrets Blues.
When I said you could stay, I never meant forever.
When I said you could stay, I never meant forever.
Now it's no secret we can't be together.
I think I made it more of an argument than the inner monologue of some constantly monologuing self-loathing hipster, but the passive-aggressive spirit of Carl's 99 Secrets is still there.

I often introduce 99 Secrets as a journey in to my little black heart, so I can't be too disapproving of Carl. I feel I wrote this at a very different time in my life, but it was my heart, even if the structure was from someone else. It's interesting to me now that, in order to make the words to flow as a blues, I changed the meaning, or perhaps just the setting. Carl's 99 seems to be a lot of private thoughts, whereas I seem to recast those as all out fights, in just about all the ones I took.

9 When he told her that he needed her, he meant that he needed her to desire him.
When I told you I needed you, you know I spoke the truth
When I told you I needed you, you know I spoke the truth
I needed you to want me like I wanted you
31 I think I love you, he said. Is that what you think, she said.
I think I love you that's all I had to say
I said I think I love you that's all I had to say
She told me to think a little harder, boy, as she walked away.
37. She knew him, because she knew his failings.
She said she knew me, she knew me all too well
Oh yeah she knew me, she knew me all too well
She knew all those little ways that she could make me fail
77. I suppose I should have known that when you told me you needed your space, that you'd find it in somebody else's closet, he said.
When you asked me for space I tried to give you that
You asked me for space I tried to give you that
How was I supposed to know it'd be in my best friends flat
85. You've made all those promises before, she said. The least you could do is come up with some new ones.
I made all of these promises so many times before
All these empty promises so many times before
If I really loved you, girl, I'd come up with one or two more
Looking at it now it was a much greater theft than I remember... Of course I only have 6 secrets, the others would really make the song too long and I'm not sure if I can truly say that I've lived all of the 99 like I have these 6.

As I say at concerts "As for the other 93 secrets... It's a secret."

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Got To Get Yourself Connected


Some have you may have noticed I'm trying out this ReverbNation thing. It's essentially Myspace, with bells on, but I like the experience a lot better so far. The bad Myspace thing is that it still seems to be bands showing off to other bands, which always feels a bit unhealthy, but the bonus is all sorts of stats and the feeling that being number one for Blues in the Steyr area is a thing to be proud of.

The BluesBerries even have a shop now through ReverbNation, have a look here, so if you ever wanted a t-shirt with me on it, now's your chance. I've not tried anything in their yet, so if you do buy something let me know how that works out for you.

Monday, 5 September 2011

She Ain't No Good For You

The 'Berries do Elvis. Well, Arthur Crudup, actually, but you can't but help let a little bit of the King in.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The BluesBerries On YouTube At Last!

Vanilla Pudding, of course. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my hands on the growly verse...

Oh, and going to the YouTube page itself has some fun suggestions for other videos you might like Cheesecake and Smoothies mostly, which could have been a good name for the band.