Monday, 20 June 2005

Trophies? Newcastle?

The Guardian takes a look at transfers to and from Newcastle United.

Scott Parker arrives apparently under the impression that Newcastle is a "massive, massive club" and that they will help his "driving ambition to win trophies". You do rather hope he checked the record books before he said that — or, you know, watched them self-destruct last season — but it may be that Parker thinks he can be the special factor that will end Toon's half-century as nearly men.

Lee Bowyer is on his way out of St. James. Eventually. Birmingham City fans don't want him, that's for sure. They see him as "unworthy as a person to wear the club's colours". And, as a Leeds fan, I find it very hard to disagree, especially if you make that "the club's" in to "any club's". Bowyer's main problem, of course, is that, despite being a fairly talented player, he is a highly objectionable person; we have the court cases and the video evidence to prove it. Though the punch up between him and Dyer was the most watchable thing that's been on Sky since Angel ended its run, even if its wrong to say it. Bowyer will no doubt eventually be sold to a club who need a decent mid-fielder and whose fans aren't quite so picky. Which is a pity.

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