Tuesday, 28 June 2005

How Wrong Can You Be?

It's been a long while since the idea of Glastonbury or even the event itself has got me interested, never mind excited. And this year is no exception. The Guardian seem happy enough, though, and they're certainly filling space with it.

Anyway, Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream seems to have got the wrong end of the stick entirely, annoucing from the stage "We're a punk rock band and you're a bunch of fucking hippies" which is so wrong in its wrongness that it's really hard to know where to start. Let's just say any crowd which has been seen "justifiably bowled over by Coldplay" isn't going to be a bunch of hippies, fucking or not.

Especially when, in the review of Coldplay, you get this priceless bit: "During Speed Of Sound, Martin taunts "Crazy Frog, where are you now?"" The classy thing, to my mind, would be to not draw attention to that at all...

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