Wednesday, 29 June 2005

It Didn't. Well Not Often.

Suck. It's described over at as "the first great website". I don't know about that. I do know it was the first website I had to read every day. I remember being annoyed and impatient if that day's content wasn't up yet and I remember numerous conversations starting "I was reading in Suck... no it's not a porn site, but it's worth checking out anyway..."

I don't think anybody ever did go and check it out like I said. Things were different then, now everybody is down on the latest website and even the most computer-illiterate will tell you about some great online community if you let them. Suck wasn't interactive though, no comments. They did have a post-bag but that always seemed to be overtaken by regulars and people who seemed more in on the joke than you. But, then, sat in a small office outside a small town in some small country everyone seems more in on the joke than you, at least I was reading Suck.

Damn! Nostalgia for past websites already...

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