Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Woke Up This Mornin' I Was Downloading An MP3

No Rock N Roll Fun bring news of a MP3 Blog listing on the Monkeyfilter Wikipedia. This, essentially, means more free downloadable music than you can shake a stick at broken down into the sections: Eclectic; Soul/Funk/R&B; Hiphop/Reggae-ton; Jazz; Blues/Folk/Oldtimey; Rock/J(apanese)-Pop/Pop/Indy; Electric/DJ/Mash-Up; Minimal/Experimental; Video Game; Exotica/Obscure; World. So there should be something to float yer boat there.

I've already been checking out Soul Sides for quite a while and have been introduced to a wide range of soul, funk and hip hop that I would have never found out about on my own.

So, thanks to the list I'm now checking out some pre-war blues on Honey, Where You Been So Long. Great stuff!

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