Monday, 23 May 2005

The Perils Of Ego Surfing

A Google Image Search for Paul Herzberg. It's nice to have Mr. Giles there, though, for some reason.

I was briefly top of the normal search, too, but this actor/writer guy keeps on taking over. You know, I work hard to write a couple of Blog posts a week — not too hard to be honest — and I'm still only the 9th ranked site, and what does he do? Gets linked to loads times because he once showed his backside in Lifes and Loves Of A She-Devil.


hannah said...

i'm top on image search for my real name, and the second hit is from one of my sites too. normal google puts me in the top two, but unfortunately also reveals a member of the socialist worker's party with my name. damn!

Paul said...

And you've got Rutger Hauer in your GIS, which is cool even if he hasn't done any thing good since those Guinness ads.