Monday, 30 May 2005

Mr Bad Example

So I kinda had my first public solo performance yesterday. Me, a guitar and a handful of indifferent people (and one or two who actually listened) down at the Irish Pub (neƩ Kennedy's). As I said to a friend I'm not really ready for public consuption, yet. But I have a stupid tendency to do the things that I talked myself into doing when I was drunk.

I really don't know how it went. I thought I sung OK, I realise my guitar playing, after only 8 months, isn't much more than strumming along more in hope than expectation but I did a version of Warren Zevon's Boom Boom Mancini that had a bit of a riff (and some quick-ish, for me, chord changes) and I thought the rhythm held up.

It was all a bit "campfire", to be honest, and that's all I can be at the moment. At least I didn't do "House of the Rising Sun".

I was quite happy that, apart from some initial nerves, once I got into it I didn't get all self-concious and, apart from a couple of egregious, song stopping mistakes, I did cover myself when less serious errors happened. So I guess I learned a lot, it was a fun experience and, when my playing's better, I'll probably do it again. You know, once everyone's recovered from the experience.


Inge said...

Pretty stupid of me not to check the camera when 'filming', I thought it was cool. I'll send the pics. Next time can you do some songs that i KNOW;). Yes the shitty Lenny Kravitz-ish popular commercial songs :P. See you soon in the pub? Greetz

Paul said...

I think "First We Take Manhattan" is about as populist as my songs got on Sunday, so, yes, it shouldn't be too hard to play more commercial songs...

The trouble with those popular songs is that people know what they should sound like and I'm expected to make them, at the very least, sound not too wrong.

I'll see what I can do next time, though.