Monday, 23 May 2005

Talkin' Loud, Saying Nothing

PJ O'Rourke once claimed that Americans "walk taller, talk louder, spit further [and] fuck longer" than anybody else. It seems he's wrong about one of those. Frankly, they can keep the others.

And, well, those poor Dutch women... Hey, Inge, if you need some longer lovin', you know where I'm at.


Inge said...

Engelsen weten het te rekken tot ruim zeven en een halve minuut, Amerikanen tot zeven minuten. Nederlanders scoren gemiddeld "zeven minuten en zes seconden":
which means that the Dutch guys last till 7 minutes and 6 seconds.....maybe this was posted by Dutch dudes though:).

Paul said...

Well, the Times article linked to above says 5.1 minutes, for the Dutch, which is slightly below average. I can't find the original research, though, and all the other sites seem to be just repeating what the Times said.