Monday, 9 May 2005

A Modest Persecution

Fred over at Slacktivist quotes a whole rant by Merlin Missy, who I'd not heard of before, about how Christians in America are persecuted. The whole thing is scary and hilarious by turns and it's tempting to quote whole, but I'll just quote this bit:
Teenagers who tell their parents they're interested in Christianity, or believe they might be Chrisrians, are told they're "going through a (rebellious) phase" and are often sent to counselling to "fix" them. The first response people often make when they hear someone's family member is a Christian is to say "I'm so sorry." Christian clubs at colleges don't advertise their meetings because atheists regularly show up and hand out copies of "On the Origen of Species."

But you should go over to Fred's site and read the whole thing. Then you should check out some of his masterful page-by-page takedowns of Left Behind and his many, thoughtful posts on being a Christian and trying to understand what the Bible is saying to you. Then bookmark the place and check it out regularly.

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