Thursday, 19 May 2005

Put Doodah on The ThingThing and Then Hur-Hur With The Hmm-Hmm

Every other blogger seems to be discussing the bizarre sex life of prominent Americans — especially those prominent Americans who want less prominent Americans to cut that sort of thing out. I've been feeling left out (who wouldn't? It's like all they do is rut over there, even the mules aren't safe) mostly because all the funny lines have been taken by people who have got to the stories first.

The article entitled It's All About the Butt Sex (yes my hits are a bit down this month, why do you ask?) over at World O'Crap proves my point. World's one of the best bloggers out there and he's covered that particular story —something about a booklet called The Little Black Book that has explicit descriptions of the aforementioned butt sex and other activities that homosexuals might partake in, which could fall in to the hands of children—with his usually insight. I do think that he missed one point, though and it's this: the Boston Herald describes the Little Black Book as including "graphic instructions on how to safely perform gay sex acts". Surely the point here is that if the booklet is doing it's job, and doing it well, then the instructions should be graphic. Anything less than graphic could probably leave you confused at a vital moment and that would be no good at all.

You almost get the feeling that the people complaining are actually worried about that word "safely". If they can make so that people think that those acts are somehow unsafe then it more more step towards a fully god-fearing, straight America. They'd rather have people mis-informed, unsafe and, I suppose the train of thought goes, more like them than informed, safe and being who they want to be.
ETA:For those of you who are curious as to exactly how explicit the guide is, —you know who you are— the people who want it banned have some pictures of the booklet's content on their site. The pics are not safe for work as, well, most works tend to frown upon greyscale images of penises (penii?), but should be safe for your mind and outlook if read elsewhere.

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