Monday, 9 May 2005


So, did ya miss me?

Well, I guess not, but I have been away for a week. My refferal stats look almost exactly the same as if I was providing fresh content every day, but I'll try not to get too upset by that...

While I was in England I went to watch the Testimonial game for Lucas Radebe, it was a lot of fun and it was nice to see Elland Road full. The game went on for a bit once it was obvious the players had lost interest, but, despite that, it was entertaining and it was good to see some many great past and present players (and Chris "unbelieveable" Kamara). Lucas was a great player and is a good man, even The Guardian agrees and they stopped liking Leeds at the exact moment that they didn't have to anymore.


Richard Potts said...

Y-y-y-yes, I did miss you! Maybe you could drop a note on here before you leave for the UK, just so we know you'll be around. Ah well, maybe next time mate...

I read the Guardian's Putney tory article this morning. The comments at how hard she found it to be a tory in Rotherham during the miners strike were particularly alarming.

Just to let you know, me and Sarah ended up in your bed a few weeks back after a drunken night out. Nothing rude happened - we were too drunk... hehe

Paul said...

Hey Richard,

Sorry about that. It was a bit of a whirlwind visit as it turns out. It would have been good to see you, though.

I'll make an extra special effort next time...

As for the non-naughtiness: Don't worry about it. It would be nice to think someone is doing something naughty in one of my beds.