Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Not Just Desserts...

... you can buy the whole menu from a catalogue. The Guardian shockingly reports that gastro-pubs are just ordinary pubs with better suppliers:
These outfits will do all the chef's work, delivering to the kitchen door every shortcut from pre-balled tri-colour melon, hand-tied bundles of frozen haricots verts, olive oil mash, ready poached egg and ready-to-use Hollandaise sauce to fully prepared dishes such as paella, Malaysian beef rendang, lamb with dumplings in cider sauce, asparagus and lemon risotto, braised lamb with flageolets, three cheese pasta and broccoli bake, and whole William pears with stalks on baked in red wine.

Actually, though, the list of warning signs at the bottom of the article reads almost like a list of things to avoid in any restaurant, especially:
Mini-anythings (crostini, canap├ęs, cheesecake, brioche, kebabs, blinis). Fiddly and time-consuming to prepare. Why should chef bother unless you are paying at least £35 a head?

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