Monday, 22 August 2005

Hard, Working Men

According to a report reported in the Times Workoholics are top shags. It seems to be a sort of Millie Jackson "Ugly Men" thing. They're thinking about the times they didn't have time for it in the past and the times they won't have time for in the future:
"It may be driven by guilt," said Imelda Bush, a researcher working with Schwartz. "Men who spend too much time at work and feel bad about it may make more of an effort and try harder to satisfy their partner sexually, making up for lost time in the home."

Jamie Olivier recommends a cup of tea, though:
[T]he celebrity chef, has admitted that his long working day has caused problems in his marriage. However, he does not hold with the American theory that workaholics can compensate through sexual performance.

"I always say the divorce rate would go down dramatically if people sat down together more often and had some good food and a nice cup of tea," he said.

You know, if people were given the choice of sex with Jamie or a cup of tea, I think most of them would choose tea too.

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