Monday, 18 July 2005

Moment Of Silence

This seems a bit old news, now, since it happened at last Thursday's Jam Session, but Blogger was playing silly buggers on Friday, so...

I'd done a few things already. I'd sung Join Me In LA (a Warren Zevon song that I cleverly change the lyrics to Join Me In The Bakery) to a lightly jazzy thing and I did a totally messed up attempt at First Me Take Manhattan (it worked at the previous jam, but not this time).

In a desperate attempt to make my mark I thought I'd try doing Dead, Drunk and Naked by The Drive-By Truckers a song about "a guy I used to work with who was pretty much the poster child for why one shouldn't sniff glue in Junior High School". It's a relatively simple song with three easy chords (Cadd9, G and D), which means it has the same sort of chords as a blues in G, which I don't normally sing (I try and stick to E where I'm comfortable). Anyway I got through the song repeated the chorus a few times and stopped. There was a moment of silence, I was sure I'd fucked up so badly that no-one knew quite what to do, and then the place erupted with applause.

I'd finally made music.


T. said...

I have this weird feeling, that i've missed something...
What a shame :-)


Paul said...

Hey T.!

We've missed you too.