Wednesday, 13 July 2005

Don't Just Stop There

Boing Boing have discovered something calles PABBIS which stands for Parents Against Bad Books In Schools (somehow you just know literary merit isn't going to be a criteria they consider). PABBIS have a form you can fill in if you find a Bad Book. It's called BOOK REVIEW DOCUMENTATION FORM, all in capitals so you know it's important. They classify types of badness and as an example they use breasts:
For each type checked above also indicate level of vividness/graphicness using the following as a general guide:
Basic (B): large breasts

Graphic (G): large, voluptuous bouncing breasts

Very graphic (VG):large, voluptuous bouncing breasts with hard nipples

Extremely graphic (EG): large, voluptuous bouncing breasts with hard nipples covered with glistening sweat and bite marks

I get the feeling the stopped before they got too excited, but I can imagine a few extra levels...

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