Wednesday, 6 July 2005

It's Called Google. Check It Out

Altercation. It's a fine liberal blog that occassionaly paints its writer, Eric Alterman, as the sort of deaf-to-criticism, oleaginous Liberal, that that American right believes all liberals are. While his politics are generally unimpeachable, his taste in music and his habit of casually dropping the names of musicians he has a personal acquaintance with are at times dizzyingly bad to the point of vomit inducing.

That doesn't he doesn't like good stuff, too, though, but when, say, telling the world that he went to see Loudon Wainwright III the other he might want to avoid saying daft things like:
He sang a song about naming “Rufus,” and I guess left out only Martha, (who’s last EP was called, “Bloody Mother**cking As**ole,” but I don’t think she was taking about dad).

Through the simple expedient of, say, googling for Martha Loudon Asshole. The third entry being a Guardian interview with Martha which, in the very first paragraph says:
Martha Wainwright came up with an effective way of dealing with having a singer-songwriter father who substituted looking after his family by writing about them in songs. She proved that those who live by the pen will die by the pen, and wrote a song about him called Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole.

I dunno, could just be me...

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