Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Everything's Out To Get You!

According to this page, by an organisation called Health and Safety Management Consultants who admittedly might be a little biased, most household things want to see you dead:
Food containers: 67,000 people are injured every year trying to peel cellophane off sandwiches, opening a ready meal or opening a ring-pull can. Six out of ten of these, around 150 a day, stab themselves trying to open a jar or ready meal with a knife.

Chainsaws vs Newspapers: Chainsaws are the cause of around 1,200 injuries a year but this pales when compared to the 4,300 injured by newspapers and magazines.

My favourite is:
Bears: The UK may be devoid of grizzly bears, but we do have Teddy Bears. More people are killed by teddy bears here than by grizzly bears in those countries which have them.

Raising the question "which countries don't have teddy bears?"


Inge said...

opening a jar with a knife??? I can imagine getting a bit frustrating, but a knife???

Paul said...

Well, I guess if you weren't going to use the jar again, then piercing the lid doesn't seem too bad of an idea.

But I think what's happening is when you get a heavy knife and try and give the lid a few glancing blows on the edge to move it round a bit. It's hard to explain, but I've definitely done this.

I never hurt myself that way, though. I've hurt myself in other silly ways, but that wasn't one of them.

Inge said...

Give it time :P

I keep hurting my head against the wall, because in some way or another i 'm still not used to that side of the bed having a wall. Well, why don't i change the bed? good question...maybe i'm a bit masochistic....hmm