Monday, 21 March 2011

So, As I Was Saying...

You know, Facebook Statuses are really no substitute for a blog post.

I've missed, what, seven months of links everybody else already has and the occassional rant, but my loyal audience of spammers has, at the very least, kept my comments lively. Don't check for that now, though. I've deleted the great bulk of them.

So, Blog posts. As I understand it, the original blog idea was that it was a log of where the poster had been on the internet, a web-log if you will, though some took he mechanics of that idea and made more "diary" styled blogs possible. This very blog has multiple examples of both styles. It seems odd to me, but the link list web-log seems to have become something of a business model across the whole Internet.

Whereas before you might go to your favourite blogger and find a link that might pique your interest, you can now go to sites whose whole raison d'etre is publishing the same mildly amusing dozen links every day as about a thousand other sites. For example Cracked has a page called Linkstorm which seems to aggregate a few of these pages and skims off the more amusing ones, showing some sort of editorial judgement, if only minimal. Just about all of the links on that page go to pages that have links to other pages that have very similar lists of content.

If you haven't yet read about the "Top 10 Most Controversial Video Games", don't worry you'll get the chance to read it, or one very much like it, pretty soon.

That all said, I will be posting my "Short Shorts" posts as regularly as before and hope to get some ranting in even more shortly.

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