Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brothers & Sisters We Got To Kick Out The Jams

There are probably more cover versions of Kick Out The Jams by MC5 than MC5 ever sold copies of and just about every one has a video on YouTube...

The original had the best hair, at the very least:

Rage Against the Machine does its thing to the song. And Henry Rollins has a suitably shouty version

Monster Magnet do a straight up cover, the riff really demands that you do it exactly like this, oddly it sounds almost exactly like the Xena version (I'm not ready to do my long Xena post yet -- possibly ever --, but this was a highlight of a particularly embarassing episode, Xena had already done a musical episode, one that rivals Buffy's Once More With Feeling, but Lyre Lyre got it wrong on multiple levels including having Xena rap...)

The Presidents of the United States of America do a vaguely nerdy cover and Jeff Buckley and Evan Dando do suitably singer-songwriter covers. The Buckley version being notable for his tiny freak out at someone snapping pics at the beginning.

It's just a really cracking bit of rock'n'roll. Isn't that enough, Miss McKenzie?

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