Monday, 28 March 2011

I Kissed A Girl by Jill Sobule

When the Katy Perry song of the same title came out, I initially hoped it was a cover of this. It wasn't Perry seems to have gone to other things (appearing in lads mags as far as I can tell) while Jill Sobule did get to tour with Warren Zevon and Billy Bragg (though not at the same time, which would have been awesome).

There were a number of parodies of Perry's song on YouTube when it came out including the memorably (for me) vulgar "I Did[1] Your Mum". I still think it's a pity nobody did this to Sobule's song as it should have been a YouTube hit, especially the bridge where you can imagine the parodist getting more and more excited as they sing:

I did your Mum
It was so sweet
She was into doing me
I did your Mum
It won't change the world
But I'm so glad...
... I did your Mum

[1] Not the actual word. Not that I'm squeamish about swear words, I just decided to be coy here because I'm about to repeat the word a lot and I don't want to tip any censors.

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