Monday, 18 September 2006

So, You're Probably Wondering, How Was It?

Great. Really really good.

Markus had a proper PA and everything and knew how to set it up so that wasn't remotely a problem. I did mess up the recording equipment (not sure what happened except I didn't record anything) but as that was the worst thing that happened I was only slightly put out by it.

The cold remained, but I sang over it.

There were probably between 20 and 30 people. Not too many, but it filled the Irish Pub's Barroom without being over packed. Just right, really. I knew most people, but a few strangers were there and they stayed till the end.

My voice mostly held, I wasn't entirely happy with all of my singing — though any criticism I got wasn't about that, so perhaps I'm being over-critical, I'll be developing Diva-ish tendencies as soon as I can — and it was half way through Canned Heat that I realised smoke dries out your throat. The band were occassionally a bit messy but for the most part they out-did themselves and I just had to concentrate on being in time.

I think people were pleasantly surprised, shocked in a few cases, it was a good energetic gig and I was called an all-round entertainer more than once, though I was also called "that twat from Donny" so there you go...

In many ways it was the perfect first gig. Nothing went too wrong, the right number of appreciative people turned up and I felt we'd done more than enough while showing that there was plenty of room for improvement. Here's to the next, this time sans cold.

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