Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Obligatory Comment is Free Post

I'm not sure who Flic Everett is, according to her profile she likes to write about sex. A lot. not that this should discourage her from pontificating in the Guardian's excellent resource for lazy comedians, Comment is Free, on any topic she likes including football and the state of the blogosphere. Though perhaps if she decides to take on both at the same time then the next time shes tries she should try harder than this:
The World Cup has turned the blogosphere into a virtual stadium full of shouting know-alls.

Once you've missed the point entirely, blogs having been around for at least a couple of world cups and already being full to the brim with shouting know-alls, reiterating it in a couple of different ways only helps to show how wide of the mark you truly are:
If you are a writer who fervently believes that when Sven stumbles across your blog he will finally make that tactical shift you've been suggesting for years, it must feel good to hold power at last; if you're convinced Gary and Alan are scouring the internet, in a desperate bid to identify the next outspoken studio pundit, it may well feel great.

But wasn't it only the other week that the Guardian's movie critic was fervently believing that people should not just read his reviews but act on them?

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