Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Finally, A Reason To Get Fit

Exciting news from the Guardian. Uwe Boll, Genius, has challenged his critics to a punch up, more precisely:
Boll has offered to fly five of his harshest critics to Vancouver, where he is preparing to shoot Postal, another video-game adaptation. There they must enter a boxing ring for a 10-round bout with him. All five fights will be screened online, and snippets from the critic-bashing action will be edited into the final film.


mickielove said...

could we send Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson as a 'ringer'. Pleased to find some way for him to legitimally have his head kicked in.

Paul said...

That's the Germany-Argentina quandry isn't it. Who do you want to lose more? Though seeing as Mexico should have won the other day, I'll be shouting for Ballack's men.