Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Even More Jokers To The Right

Feeling the success of his list of top 50 Conservative Rock Songs, John J Miller gives us 50 also rans.

Now, considering that five of the last few songs on the previous list were: "Taxman, Mr. Thief," by Cheap Trick; "Wind of Change," by The Scorpions; "One," by Creed; "Why Don'’t You Get a Job," by The Offspring; and "Abortion," by Kid Rock.

You might be wondering what level of suck that the cast-offs from such a list would run to.

I actually didn't write much about the first list as the wrong-headedness of it seemed to be the joke. The fact that somebody had to misunderstand the lyrics and the intent behind songs by The Clash, Bob Dylan and Joe Jackson among others to even get the list to 50 seemed to suggest that the author had only passing acquaintance with reality.

This list has the usual talent-free metal-lite bands, some older, confused proper metal bands and any number of lesser songs by acts who should know better. There's plenty to goggle at hear while wondering about the exact classification of John J's idiotry. My favourite:

"Little Red Corvette," by Prince.
A cautionary tale: "Honey you got to slow down / Little red corvette / 'Cause if you donĂ‚’t you gonna run your little red corvette right in the ground."

Yep, that was my initial take on "Little Red Corvette", too. Cautionary tale. Those who thought it was a reminisence for a great shag he'll never have again go to the back of the class.

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