Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Burt Bacharach: Blogger

That's right! Over at The Huffington Post, Burt Bacharach has made his first blog post:
Elvis sang my last two lines with the very strong intensity I felt:

"Things really have to change,
Or we're all fucked!"

Nobody has ever sung fucked like Elvis Costello.


Ten-Bob Dylan said...

He played some songs off of this album on Later... and they were shit. Yeah, Burt getting down with Dr Dre. Just as embarrasing as you would imagine. Stick to writing melodies.
It's pretty sad as well that in the comments people are saying things like 'yeah, I was never really political until W came along.' What was the old thing about 'first they came for the Jews, but I was OK because I wasn't jewish, then they came for the communists etc...
Pretty sad.
What are they saying? Bush Sr. wasn't too bad? Reagan? The Iran-Contra stuff? Grenada? Nixon?
C'mon! Where have they been?
As James Ellroy says in American Tabloid 'America popped it's cherry a long time ago.'

Paul said...

That reminds of something Christopher Hitchens said back when it was OK to like him:

One day, I am going to drop everything and think exclusively about America and its celebrated 'loss of innocence'. I have read that the country lost said innocence in the Civil War, in the Spanish-American War, in the First World War, during Prohibition, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at the McCarthy hearings, in Dallas, in Vietnam, over Watergate and in the discovery (celluloided by Robert Redford in Quiz Show) that the TV contests in the Eisenhower era were fixed. This list is not exhaustive. Innocence, we were recently and quakingly informed, was lost again at the bombing of Oklahoma City. Clearly, a virginity so casually relinquished is fairly easily regained - only to be (damn!) mislaid once more.

Though the use of a horrible nelogism like "celluloided" almost voids everything he says.