Tuesday, 3 November 2009

They Do It On Purpose You Know

The Daily Mail has always pandered to its core readership and on the Internet that pandering just seems to get worse. What else to explain this article which even Fark derided the central argument as "The trouble with a scientific argument is that it relies solely on empirical facts".

Hilariously the article even auto-violates Godwin's Law. Possibly even going on to prove Poe's Law.It should probably be up for some Internet award. Perhaps AN Wilson is trying to compete with Jan Moir.

I am slightly back, by the way, and trying a new "blogging from home" get up. I hope to keep it up, if only to get more use to this keyboard...

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Joe said...

Ed Byrne made a good point on telly a few weeks ago that once you invoke Hitler in an argument you've pretty much lost the argument. i.e. 'well, Hitler was a vegetarian, painter, introduced gun control etc.' This article seems to support the Ed Byrnes idea!
PS Good to have you back blogging!