Thursday, 1 October 2009

Still Here

I actually have a good reason for light posting this month: a pulmonary embolism. Fun.

Anyway I should be back somewhere near full health soon and should be back to full posting sometime after that. More info when I have time not devoted to recuperation and sleeping.


Richard & Sarah said...

Hi Paul - spoke to Joe last weekend who said you'd not been too well. Hope you're picking up mate and can return to normality ASAP. Would be nice to catch-up next time you're over.

Richard, Sarah & Ethan

Paul said...

Thanks. I am picking up. I'm back at work this, week with a month of unexpected catch up, and I'm kind of glad to be out of my apartment.

Mum was over the last few weeks and was looking after me, but now I have to fend for myself.

I hope to be over at xmas (I have to get my passport sorted first, though) and if not I will be over for the Donny Rovers/Newcastle United game on March 23rd (a Tuesday).