Thursday, 5 June 2008

Hypocrisy: A Republican Luxury?

For those who keep up on the American Right's hypocrisy when it comes to matters sexual —if a Republican politician ever vehemently denouces gay marriage (or whatever) it's a fair bet that he unwinds at night by having a rent boy tongue his balls—, or are even vaguely aware, what Teresa Nielsen Hayden says here is not new. It is, however, well said and all in one place, with links to further reading.
Remember the endless, salacious coverage of the Monica Lewinsky incident, and all the politicians who professed to be shocked that such a thing had happened? Not one of them was shocked. Not a single one. And that's not because Clinton was particularly randy. It's because most of their personal lives were as bad or worse, and all the Washington insiders knew it.

The Monica Lewinsky thing was not about morality, outing hypocrisy, or Clinton sullying the Office of the President. It was an attempt at an extra-Constitutional power grab. The Gingrich Republicans were furious that Clinton had gotten elected. I'm afraid they didn't hold the will of the voters sacrosanct.

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