Monday, 30 June 2008

Happily It Ends

So, the football finished on Sunday. Well, the EM part of it anyway. There were some great games along the way. And there were games where France took part.

My prediction for the final was that, though I wanted Spain to win, I was sure Germany would manage to grind another one out. Apparently I didn't realise Torres was due his second goal of the Tournament or that the Spanish defence would be quite so tenacious.

Ballack of Germany has had a pretty tragic year, possibly in ways that only a great footballer could have: lost the Premier League on the last day, lost the Champions League Final, lost the League Cup Final and knocked out of the FA cup in the quarter finals. To that list he can now add losing in the final of Euro 2008. If I were able to feel sorry for a multi-million-pound player for Chelsea and Germany, now would be the time.

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