Monday, 23 June 2008

Brunnbach Aftermath

The BluesBerries latest gig was not without it's technical hitches (because of the structure of the event we didn't get a really satisfactory sound check) but the music was solid and occasionally spectacular. Of course, I always say something like this, but the moment it stops being true is when I'll stop saying it.

We had a good crowd, I'd guess there were over a hundred people. They weren't particularly there for us as there was a race event earlier — our first set was split in two by the prize giving. Plenty of people stayed for us, though, and at least a couple of tables rowdily cheered us on much to my delight.

I've just heard that there are some excellent photos of the gig, and I hope to get them in the next few days, so I'll say more when I can post some pics.

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