Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Wii Elbow

It seems that Nintendo's Wii is helping kids to be a little more active, but it's also leading to complications...
"To play a Wii tennis game, for instance, they need to build up a fair amount of speed to hit the virtual ball. They wouldn’t play two hours of conventional tennis, yet they are doing that with this game — and that is bound to result in some injuries."

Since the Wii’s popularity has risen, so too has the number of websites cataloguing the injuries linked to it. Sites such as wiihaveaprob-lem.com list dozens of difficulties incurred by users, many with accompanying photographs of the damaged body parts. One girl, for instance, suffered a dislocated knee after playing on the Wii in inappropriate footwear.

Collisions are another common hazard. Flailing arms can sometimes inadvertently smack into lamps, furniture and competing players.

It seems that children playing inside will occasionally break stuff. Who knew?

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