Monday, 2 April 2007

Gloss Finish For Donny

Doncaster Rovers picked up their first major trophy at the weekend. It was quite a match, even the Guardian agrees:
This was the 46th and last football cup final to be staged at the Millennium Stadium and there were some beforehand who suggested the fact that it featured two mid-table lower division teams must render it a damp squib. But it turned out to be one of the most memorable occasions of them all, a five-goal thriller which ended with Doncaster Rovers, who nine years ago were at the bottom of the Conference and all but of business, scoring in extra-time to win the first major trophy in their history.

I'm still not exactly sure what the Johnstone's Paint Trophy is, but congratulations to Donny!


Mickielove said...

Hi Paul,
it was indeed a thrilling game and the whole of Donny was buzzing about the game. Me nerves nearly didn't last out but the 7 hour trip back helped me calm down a little. Right behind the goal with fab view of the winner -what a sweet header - if I could have thrown little Joe in the air I would have done. I'm not sure about the what the trophy is about - but it's a bloody big thing. I felt it had everything in it that was good about footy: the early lead against all expectations, the comeback and fear of having it snatched away from you, the extra time with impending doom of penalties a likelihood and then YES the winner from a set piece and 9 nailbiting minutes to go, and the Bristol fans streaming out as they realised they weren't going to get it. Phew, footy is a hard taskmistress. I even got me 5 seconds of fame on Calendar News (local tv for those not in the know) as I'd been "interviewed" before the game. I wonder if I could get the clip from u-tube or whatever it is. Think I may get me voice back by end of the week. DVD a possibility for me birthday present.

Paul said...

It was a good weekend for football, for me anyway.

Leeds also had a cracker of a game against Preston, it was nearly as nailbiting and ended in a rare Leeds win. Pity about the rest of the season, like, but there you go.

Mum had sent me a sheet with all Donny's players autographs on so I've framed it and it's now got a place near the TV, and it's own special red back light, in the Irish Pub.