Thursday, 29 March 2007

When 3-0 just Isn't Enough

It's strange that England won, not perhaps with the glut of goals expected, and won comfortably but the fans, myself included, were just not impressed. Once again it seemed to be a one-man effort to restore England's pride and, in absence of Beckham, Steven Gerrard finally decided to show his class. The overriding memory, of course, is of the first half. England looked uncertain, their passing was off and they had trouble keeping the ball against an amateur side. Compared with spirited displays from both Ireland teams England portrayed themselves as both lazy and arrogant.

The most annoying thing, however, is that nothing can really be learned from this match. Playing players in their proper positions works, Dyer adds something when brought on late on, even Championship-level strikers can score against Andorra, things we should have known already and yet are still oddly untested.

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