Monday, 19 March 2007

The Third Gig

So, yes, St Pats went just fine. Eamon was happy but I think that had more to do with the cricket (Ireland beat Pakistan) and the rugby (Wales thrashed England) than The BluesBerries.

The band, however, were on blazing form. It was a tough room because we were the free entertainment and people were coming more to drink Guinness than watch a trio work steadily through a bunch of thirties blues styles. People enjoyed it, though, and when the hat was passed around they show a surprising amount of appreciation. I was in good voice so even some of the songs that bother me —Long Tall Mama, which I find awkward for no good reason and Canned Heat, which is at the highest of my "range"— went without a hitch. My patter was a bit hit and miss, though I was proud of the line about St Patrick forcing the snakes out of Ireland, snakes that then spread across Europe to get jobs as barmen.

The super-secret special Irish song that we had prepared was The Flogging Mollys' It's Been The Worst Day Since Yesterday. The song has always been something of an Irish pub favourite even if we did have to change it somewhat to fit my style, the Mollys fans in the audience did seem to enjoy it though.

All in all an excellent evening, hopefully I'll have some photo's to show pretty soon.

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