Thursday, 2 March 2006

Unnews: People Lie. All The Time.

This article is mostly about CVs and it claims that 47 percent of resumés contain "significant inaccuracies". A bit low I'd have thought. Anyway it goes on to say:
In his research, Feldman conducted interviews with students in which he asked them to appear "likable and competent.'' Afterward, he reviewed the truthfulness of what they had told him.

The results? The average student told three lies every 10 minutes. The stretchers ranged from having won various awards to the guy who claimed he had just landed a recording contract.

"When we want to try to be likable,'' Feldman says, "one of the tactics we use is to lie. You shade things to put them in the best possible light.''

You do wonder if the writer or the researcher has ever been to a pub, club or just any social event, ever.

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