Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Isn't that the Definition?

A slight return to the ID debate. James Wolcott has a post calling Intelligent Design the "Opiate of the Dummies" and, while name calling is not particularly constructive, it's hard to disagree. What struck me though way this bit:
I suspect most conservative demagogues practice a strange form of hypocrisy: talking shit in public that they would be wary to do in private. (Most hypocrites do the opposite, talking trash one on one that they would never say over the sanctity of the airwaves.)

Isn't that there whole reason to exist? That they express the private hypocrisies of there audience, saying in public what their listeners wish they could say if only it wasn't for all that "political correctness bullshit" or the fear of a good kicking, which ever it is?

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