Wednesday, 30 November 2005

Phrases You Seldom Hear

"I bet it'd be great to be in Doncaster tonight!"

Said by me after watching Donny Rovers comprehensively thrash Aston Villa 3-0 to go through to the Quarter finals of the League Cup.


mickielove said...

Certainly it was wonderful to be in Doncaster with their biggest crowd for 30 years (10,590); made me wish I had bought the shirt in Streetwise Sports for £5 now. Going into Frenchgate today and I bet the buggers have put it up to £10. My other half, a Villa fan, is bereft; that means the Rovers have done both mine (Man. City) and his teams. Let's hope Rovers Get Man. Utd. and dump the scum out, making it a hat-trick of Premiership scalps. Or even Arsenal would be a good team. OH to see Lljunberg at Belle Vue (oops, sorry Earth Stadium as it is now ).

Paul said...

I was in the Irish Pub in Steyr and I was wearing my Donny Rovers top, but I think it's a season or two out of date. I'll have to sort that out when I'm back next.

I've got to say, though, that it was probably the best game I've seen in ages. I think I scared a few of Eamon's customers when the third goal went in...

A friend of mine over here is a Toon fan, so I'm kind of hoping for that match up.