Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Happy Games Only

UK Resistance are launching a campaign to bring the joy and fun back into gaming. It's called the Blue Sky In Games Campaign and it has some advice to developers on how they can improve their games

  • Change everything that's grey into blue.
  • From now on, everyone wears red shoes.
  • Make everything happen at midday or sunset.
  • Replace gun textures with banana textures.
  • Turn all cars into pink convertibles that wobble and only do 15mph.
  • If you get 100 of anything, a little tune plays.
  • Instead of saying "crew" say "your buddies".
  • Instead of saying "hood" say "zone".
  • Make the female characters something other than prostitutes.
  • Make the black characters something other than drug dealers.

You know, none of that seems like a bad idea at all. Though I guess it could all get a bit samey after a while. However, the last four suggestions should be taken up immediately.

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