Thursday, 20 October 2005

Bridge Burning For Fun And Profit

Alan Parker has a new book out featuring bitter, sarcastic cartoon he drew while trying to get movies made. The Guardian go and ask him about it. But not before spotting a cartoon with the caption "Mr Parker, I'd just like to ask you some superficial, stupid questions to augment the smart arse article I've already written."

I particularly like his anecdote about Martin Scorsese's story-boarding skills:
Most directors are decent draughtsmen, Parker explains. It goes with the job, whether it involves storyboarding a movie or simply scribbling ideas down on the set. "On the other hand, a lot of directors can't draw at all. Steven Spielberg, for instance, cannot draw. He works from a storyboard drawn by someone else to his instruction. Whereas Scorsese does stickmen. There's an exhibit in the American Film Institute in a big glass case. The first square shows two stickmen standing up. The next square shows one stickman lying down. And that's the storyboard to Raging Bull." He cackles with mirth. "Whoa!" he says. "Go Marty!"

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