Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Riding Tandem With The Random

Things don't go the way I planned them. I'm just going to put a few shorter things here, but it's not quite a "Short Shorts" sequel.


  • Illusion of choice. If you search for a train on National Rail when you try and book it at the end you get a choce of 4 or 5 different vendors. Thing is they all use the Trainline system to do it. So why bother pretending there's a choice?
  • And while we're there if you try to register with an Austrian postcode it won't let you so it effectively doesn't allow overseas sales. Rubbish.
  • The Internet Archive is now stocking Warren Zevon concerts. Go there listen to his great music but also check out the covers he does: First We Take Manhattan, What's New Pussycat, Trouble and That's Amore. Great stuff.
  • I've had some fun refferals recently:
    Looking For Hookers, are they really that hard to find
    looking for containers for sandwiches, Ikea, is probably a good place to start
    Airbourne Scrotum, cos you know I added that for this very reason
    "60 drinks per month"+is not moderate", damn skippy!
    and finally inapproprite language in the classroom bad spelling OK, though
    I think the Internets has me all figured out.

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